How to join

  • Copy and paste the generated configuration file text into the Qtum wallet configuration file "qtum.conf". Click here to check the detailed tutorial
  • Restart the Qtum Wallet and keep your nodes running

Check node online status

(update every five minutes)


Lucky Star Award
  • 2 QTUM
4,320 Winners
Total Prizes
8,640 QTUM
Stellar Award
  • 20 QTUM
60 Winners
Total Prizes
1,200 QTUM
Weibo & Twitter
Lucky Draw Entrance
80 Winners
Total Prizes
160 QTUM

Lucky Star Award

Start from 00:00:00 January 22th, 2020 (GMT+8), a winner will be automatically selected every half hour, only one valid node will be picked at a time, until all the prizes are sent out.

Stellar Award

During the campaign, every 30 days (February 20th, March 21st, April 22nd, to be more specific) at 18:00:00 (GMT+8), 20 valid nodes will be randomly selected to share 400 QTUM, each prize is 20 QTUM. Noted that active nodes that have accumulated online for more than 15 days within 30 days will be eligible for the lucky draw.

Rules and Instructions

  • 1. To join the campaign, download and install the latest version (>= 0.18.3) of the Qtum Core Wallet.
  • 2. All nodes must be kept online and synchronized to the latest block during the campaign.
  • 3. Each Qtum address can be bound to 5 IP addresses at most. If there are more than 5 IPs, only the first 5 will be counted.
  • 4. The online duration is calculated by IP address. When there are multiple nodes that meet the winning conditions under the same Qtum address, only the longest online is taken. Ties are ranked randomly.
  • 5. The prize will be automatically sent to the winner's Qtum wallet address.
  • 6. All rights reserved by Qtum Foundation.